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Shunde Chamber of Commerce of Importers & Exporters, SDCCIE, is a nonprofit social organization engaged in import and export trade and foreign economic cooperation industry, with relative enterprises voluntarily participating.

SDCCIE abides by the constitution, laws, regulations and government policies, and complies with social ethics. Business activities conducted by member enterprises are under SDCCIE’s coordination, direction, consultation and service . In order to meet the requirements of the WTO for China, SDCCIE plays an important role in the foreign trade development of the region, as an intermediary and industry management platform, maintaining the normal order of foreign trade and economic cooperation, and the legitimate rights and interests of members.


SDCCIE is the only intermediary Fair Trade Workstation of Guangdong Province in Shunde, and one of the first Foreign Trade Monitoring Stations qualified by the Department of Commerce of Guangdong Province. It also undertakes the transactional work of the Canton Fair for companies of Shunde District, and provides all-round services for member enterprises and the whole foreign trade industry.

Following is the major work of SDCCIE:

1. A bridge for the government and members enterprises: Government departments attach great importance to SDCCIE for its social intermediary platform and bridge role. Shunde District Economic and Technological Promotion Bureau, Shunde District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Foshan Customs Office in Shunde, Shunde Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, Bank of China Shunde branch, Shunde Foreign Affairs Bureau, Shunde District Taxation Bureau, Shunde District Market Supervision Bureau, Shunde District Environmental Transport and City Management Bureau, Shunde District Public Security Bureau, Shunde Frontier Inspection Station, Shunde District Trade Unions, and many other departments, all are advisory units to the Chamber.


SDCCIE propagandas the country’s foreign economic and trade laws, regulates and guides the members for law-abiding activities. It represents the interests of the members to reflect their information to relevant government departments, and provides opinions and suggestions for government decision-making.

2., Industry management: SDCCIE guides the normal operations of member enterprises, coordinates to settle trade disputes between members, promotes industry self-regulation, and maintains normal import and export industry order and the common interests of members.

3. External communications: SDCCIE establishes and develops cooperative relationship with institutions and associations of other industries, to provide multi-aspect services to member enterprises.

4. Undertaking contacting services: SDCCIE undertakes various services from the government and other institutions or organizations.

5. Member Services: 


1) Policies information: To strengthen ties and communication with the government and relevant departments, and provide timely access to policy information of various departments including the customs, taxation, foreign exchange, inspection and quarantine, industry and commerce, banking, insurance, and foreign trade.

2)  Safeguarding rights and interests: To coordinate and help member enterprises in dealing with antidumping and countervailing investigations and other trade and technical disputes, assist in handling intellectual property disputes, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of members.

3)  Market exploiting: To organize members to participate in fairs and exhibitions and conduct market research, promotion and trade negotiation both domestic and abroad; and assist members for relative documentation and procedures.

4)  Training and communication services: To carry out professional training, research, consultation, information exchange and other services.

As a conclusion, Shunde Chamber of Commerce of Importers and Exporters is playing, and will keep on playing, an important role of communication between member enterprises with the government and other associations, with strong determination to get continuous progress with its members!

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